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Stan Winston
During my internship at Stan Winston Studio Summer 2007, I had the great privilege and honor of meeting one of my inspirations, the legendary FX Artist and Creature Designer Stan Winston himself. What a backdrop!

Unfortunately, in the beginning of the following summer, Stan Winston died at age 62 on June 15, 2008. This Legend brought to life some of the greatest creatures and characters in cinema history. I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to intern at Stan Winston Studio last summer 2007 and have the pleasure of meeting Stan Winston himself. In my copy of The Winston Effect : The Art & History of Stan Winston Studio, he wrote, "To Anthony, You have a wonderful future to look forward to. You have impressed everyone, including me. ~ Stan Winston." These are words that will be prized forever, and memories that will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Stan. Thank you for the inspiration.

Photo by Joe Pepe.
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