Kosart Effects Studios
On-Skin Silicone 1
October 2011
On-Skin Silicone FX Make-Up
In October 2011, Kosart Effects Studios was hired by Sears to create the zombies of their 2011 Sears Zombies Campaign, in which artist J. Anthony Kosar had only days to design and sculpt 3 custom zombie prosthetics. During the initial part of the project, Kosar did 7 zombie make-up FX applications for 8 viral video spots. 3 used the prosthetics and the other 4 were "out-of-the-kit" silicone construction make-ups. Days later, Kosar was hired again by Sears to create 6 more zombies for their guerrilla marketing to have zombies walking around Chicago hotspots on the day of the website launch, which used new castings of the 3 prosthetics and the other three were silicone construction make-ups. 13 Zombies total (6 foam-latex prosthetic applications and 7 on-skin silicone applications).

Watch the videos: Sears.com/Zombies

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